My bike ride and oysters at the Cliff House yesterday was fantastic. The weather was perfect and I love how they give you 13 oysters when you order a dozen… just classy.

I’ve been working all day today, boring but I suppose someone has to keep the economy ticking over.

Yesterday one of Kip’s ski areas opened, Arapahoe Basin, but he didn’t get up snowboarding because of the opening day rush (pic taken from their webcam)…..

It is strange that now I’ve decided on my movements for the next 6 months or so I’m really excited to get on with it. Even though I had such an amazing day yesterday in the big smoke.

Tomorrow I’ll share with you guys a huge update I’ve just finished on my site – it is the biggest update I’ve done on the site in maybe 5 years. It is amazing and I think you’ll be as excited about it as I am.

I have a couple of photos to post today because I want to buy some new speedos before I head out to Kips so I’m in speedo shopping mode. I’m not sure if I like these or if I don’t. I have no idea who makes them either.

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