The topic of massage came up yesterday sitting around the BBQ with the boys (my str8 mates).  I think it started when one of the guys, again, he is 100% str8 as far as I know (he thinks I’m 100% str8 too so I suppose that doesn’t really matter), anyway this guy mentioned that he gets at least one professional massage a week, normally after a big gym session.

I am a huge fan of massages in the bedroom, I’ll admit this has worked well for me with the ladies in the past.

But going to strangers for massages just isn’t my thing.  Like the guy in the picture below, I’m always trying not to get a boner and because I’m trying not to get a boner I’m always told that I’m very tense.  Hahaha – chicken and the egg right.

I remember a few years ago being at a friends wedding and her Aunty was this hoot of an old lady who ran a proper massage place in a big casino here in Aussie and she was joking about the number of guys who would get an erection while getting a massage.  This lady was around 70yo and she said she thought it was good for her ego that she could still get a rise out of guys in their 20’s.

The consensus among most of my buddies during our Sunday afternoon session was the same as mine.  Love massages in the bedroom, kinda uncomfortable elsewhere.

Would love to her what you guys think.


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