Well guys, I’ve bought a car yesterday afternoon – it is an old Dodge Durango and I love it!!!

With a car ready to roll I’m going to start my road trip tomorrow and start heading north. My friends in Oregon are out of down (they have a house in Palm Springs and headed down there after New Years) so pretty much my destination is Vancouver. MapQuest tells me it is only a 16hr drive (950miles/1500kms). That is the direct route but I think I’m going to try and hug the coastline as much as I can – will probably double the distance but I’m not in any super rush.

I’m going to start out super early and pretty much just see how far I get before sunset – anyone have a recommendation on a little beachside town about a days drive north of San Fran?

Here is a pic of my new baby – 5.9L V8 sounds very nice too……

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