Lets just say that since I got back from Newcastle I no longer have any kind of oversupply of cum left in my body…. I’ve taken care of that myself.

Tonight I’m having a BBQ around here and a friend of a friend’s roommate apparently has the hots for me (yes it is a girl). Here is what I know about her…..

  • She saw me out on the town a few weeks ago.
  • I can’t remember seeing or meeting her.
  • She is cute.
  • She is blonde.
  • She has a boyfriend.
  • I’m told she doesn’t care too much that she has a boyfriend.
  • She’ll be arriving around 7pm.

Should be fun to say the least.

Now if this guy below had the hots for me I’d be rather excited. I’m sure they are AussieBums that he is wearing.

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