There is a reason why there are a growing number of gay guys (maybe not growing but a growing number of ‘out’ guys for sure) – it is because girls (some of them) are crazy.

Over the last 2 or 3 weeks I’ve been courting this cute little brunette here in town – she has lived here a couple of years and she is really cute.

Last weekend she ended up back at the house after a big night and she slept in my bed.  We didn’t shag but we did pretty much everything else.  The next day we slept in, I made her breakfast and I dropped her home.

Note: Kip is the best wingman on the planet and once he knew I had a girl back at the house he made himself scarce and went for a snowboard in the morning so we had the house to ourselves.

Back to to story – so the chick (we’ll call her McFly – I’m not telling you why), tells me over breakfast that a year ago she hooked up with this guy and he is back in town.  She really liked him and they clicked but the day before he left, she found out that he was married and had at least one kid.  He had taken off his wedding ring while he was on a boys trip to Breckenridge skiing.  McFly said she was pissed off and wants to kick him in the nuts if she saw him in town.

We are friends on the Facestalker and she was busy with work so we haven’t had a chance to catch up since breakfast but now I’m reading on facebook that she has forgiven him and having a great time with “an old friend”.

Are you kidding me?  I only wish I was as big a dirt bag as this guy – what an arsehole and how stupid of McFly.

I’ve seen this a few times with female friends of mine who hook up with married guys and they are soooo gullable to their bullshit.

I’m disappointed in McFly and there are so many great, smart girls out there who deserve a guy who doesn’t lie or bullshit (that is me of course).  I don’t think I’ll persue her anymore.

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One thought on “Girls Drive me Crazy”
  1. Hey Dave,

    If women have low self esteem then what better way to confirm it than to pursue guys they can’t have? It’s perfect as they will eventually be rejected, but it will be because of the marriage, not because of anything lacking in them. Where as pursuing a single guy like yourself might put her at significant risk or being hurt down the track and maybe her self esteem can’t take that?


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