What a weekend, the Texan Brunette has just left and I need to share some thoughts that I’ve taken away from the weekend. That is definitely the most str8 sex that I’ve had in years I think.

During one of my breaks, I asked the Texan Brunette if she had ever kissed a girl. She said she had but nothing more. She asked me if I had ever kissed a guy and I said I had during a threesome. Interesting though she said that two guys making out isn’t something that turns her on.

I’ve heard this from girls before. That girls don’t find 2 guys making out as a turn on but I don’t know of a guy who doesn’t think that 2 girls making out is a turn on.

This is like the double standard with people who expect girls to wear bikinis and skimpy clothing but don’t like it when guys wear speedos.

Why do you think this is the case?

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4 thoughts on “Girls Kissing vs Guys Kissing”
  1. I’ve been asking myself the same thing lately. One reader commented on my blog that she finds it hot to watch two men kiss. I wonder if a survey has been taken? I would be really interesting to see what percentage of women are turned on by two men kissing.

    I think the speedo thing is funny too. Like when guys talk about how hot it is going to a nude beach and seeing all the women but freak out when a dude walks by and they can see his cock.

  2. Omni,

    That girl sounds like someone I’d like to meet.

    I have know girls who thought it was hot as well but I’ve definitely had feedback saying it wasn’t hot.


  3. Dave –
    Hey. I’m new to your blog, and this post intrigued me. I have only recently been turned on to gay porn, and I find it pretty hot! I am a straight girl, and have always thought two guys together seemed a little icky, but never thought about it. Then I came across it online, and I was fascinated by it. I looked at it for a bit before I decided I liked it, but I definitely do! Though it does seem that a lot of guys that kiss seem a little awkward together, but I may think that cuz they are doing porn. I’m sure if they were a couple, it would not be awkward. I’ll continue to check out your blog. 🙂

  4. Because men are viewed as dominant while women are viewed as submissive so two women the men view it as two for the price of one while women view it as oh he’s not man enough or I’ll some sort of std; that’s the popular view of things.

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