This weekend I headed up towards Napa Valley with a bunch of folks. It was organised by my New Zealand friends here in the city and there was 8 of us in total, two couples, three single girls and me – not a bad ratio right?

I hadn’t met any of the other people and I’ve only been through Napa twice but never for a weekend get away thing.

Someone in the group knew someone with a house in the woods and there was a hottub and a pool table.

Lots of wine was consumed and I’m looking forward to drying out a little bit this week.

We got back Monday morning early and we didn’t have any net up there so that is why I was MIA in the blogisphere.

Nothing naughty happened unfortunately, the couple that I’m friends with, we’ve had a few threesomes in the past but not since I’ve been back. There was a lot of sexual inuendo though and with a little bit of pressure, the other two guys and I wore speedos only in the hottub. The girls seemed to love it and it all started with them complaining that girls are expected to bikini it up while guys get away with not showing much in some dork shorts.

It was a great weekend but nothing really to report for you guys. Here is some eye candy for you though.

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