I was talking to an old friend in New Zealand last night on Skype and we were reminiscing about when I last lived there and some of the big nights we had.  Since then my mate has gotten married and has 3 kids (yeah he didn’t mess about).

One of his stories which I had forgotten but he reminded me about was when we were at this bar, it is well known in Methven where I lived and we were having a bit of a session after a day snowboarding.  It was late, we had both had maybe 1 or 2 drinks (hehe).  We were standing at the bar with some other friends who we have both lost contact with but my mate Matt tugs on my sleeve and as I turn around there are these two girls on the couch making out.

What a beautiful sight!!!!

Thing is, watching two hot guys make out is just as hot for me.

Str8 guys love watching 2 girls make out but I haven’t found too many girls who love watching 2 guys make out.

It is a shame, I love it when girls encourage my bisexuality and I of course encourage any bisexual tendencies that they have.

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