On August 2nd I posted about the 500th Speedo Photo of the Day on my site SwimmerBoyz.com. The photo I chose for that day was a great close up of these darn speedos wet in the pool with a very visible penis line.

I had no idea of the speedos, never seen them before.

As usual, my trusty readers knew exactly where I could find them. They are a brand called Dietz. The speedos in the photo don’t look as good when they aren’t wet – they are kinda grey but I did find some more photos of them for you guys since you liked them so much.

Drop in and check out the Speedo Photo of the Day anytime – www.SwimmerBoyz.com/speedophoto.asp

Dry Dietz SpeedoDietz SwimwearDietz SpeedoDietz SwimwearDietz SpeedosDietz Speedo

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