Monday morning here on the Australian East coast and it is looking like a great day.

I hope you guys had a good weekend because I had a cracker. Poker with the boys on Friday night, blowjob from Mr. Big Cock after poker (I didn’t poke-her… I poked him). Saturday was a lazy day and I got a bunch of work done – worked until about 3am. And yesterday (Sunday) I was up early for a surf, had a quiet lunch with some friends in town and then had an impromptu Sunday roast.

Work over the weekend was amazing – record breaking actually. It is nice when you work until 3am to see that it actually works. There were a bunch of new members on my new site and I thank all those guys for their support.

Now I’m looking forward to a new week – with all the new members I want to make sure I get a couple of hours of new movies online for them to enjoy.

Hope you guys have a good week as well.

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