Hottub time machine is one of my favourite movies and it was on in the background the other day and I saw the part when they talk about the “Great White Buffalo”.

The Great White Buffalo is supposed to be the person in your life, that you really like but got away.  To make it easier here is the definition from Urban DIctionary:

The one true love of your life. Called the Great White Buffalo because of it’s rarity, elusive status.

Most people go throughout their entire lives without ever encountering a Great White Buffalo.

I think I have 2 girls who were my Great White Buffalos and one guy.  I’ll talk about the girls here but you can read about my ‘guy’ Great Which Buffalo – click here.

One girl was my first ever crush AND a few years ago I got to shag her which is something that when I’m on my death bed (in about 60yrs of so hopefully), I will be proud that I ticked off my first real Great White Buffalo.

This is a girl that I had a crush on when I was 5yo.  Our families were friends all through school but we never did anything or dated but I always thought she was hotter than any girls I dated in high school.  Then a few years ago her brother who was younger and went to school with me contacted me via Facebook.  He was a good kid growing up and he was going on a snowboarding trip when I was living in New Zealand so I looked after him and his crew.  It was from there that I got in touch with my Great White Buffalo.

Holy moly, she still looked gorgeous and it turned out she was coming over to New Zealand for a vacation with some of her girlfriends.

We kept in touch on FB and then she came over and her crew crashed at my place for a long weekend.  I was playing it kewl and really not expecting anything to happen when the Great White Buffalo jumps me in the hallway and we start making out.

I’m not sure how I managed it because I’m smiling just thinking about.

For the next few days we shagged like rabbits but slowly I realised that she is nuts.

She didn’t want me to wear a condom, which I always do, and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t either of our first rodeos.

It was great though but when she left I was kinda happy that we never ended up being in a long term relationship.  We keep in touch still but a few months after she gets back to Australia she falls pregnant!!!

Holy moly, I knew that she had asked me not to wrap it but I always did (and always do).  Turns out she hooked up with an old boyfriend of hers a little while after she got home and must have said the same thing to him….. and he didn’t wrap.

Now they are together (not married), with a little baby and he has done the right thing.  I just wonder what would have happened if I didn’t put on a condom as she asked….


That is the story of my first Great White Buffalo which I suppose isn’t really a Great White Buffalo any more but she was for 15 years or more.  And by the way, she was a swimmer and a nipper (junior life guard) as well so maybe that was a factor in my speedo/swimsuit fetish.

Red SwimsuitRed One Piece SwimsuitOne Piece Red Swimsuit

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