Grey Speedo Boy – or GSB as he is known – has to be one of the most famous speedo guys on the net.  These pics have been around for years and his true identity has never been discovered.

He is gorgous though!!!!

Grey speedo guy
Grey Speedo
Grey speedo swimmer
Grey speedo boy

3 thoughts on “Grey speedo boy”
  1. Well i think a few people, back in the 2000’s, figured out who he was and where he was from, including me. I did a little informal research project to figure it out, as I had seen his photos all over the internet. Lots of guys used his photos in fake profiles, and it just multiplied. He was only a freshman in high school in Orange County, CA, when these were taken. It became a big controversy in California back then, as professional photographers were shooting swim meets and then posting & selling the photos without the boys knowing or approving.

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