I’ve been meaning to tell you guys that I did get some more action on Sunday afternoon.  I mentioned a few posts ago that I had my first ‘public bathroom blowjob’ on the Saturday night and on Sunday I was a little hungover and you guys know, when I’m hungover, I’m horny as all hell!!!

So after I finished the blog post on Sunday, I was just sitting around in my black ADIDAS 3-stripe speedos watching football and I decided to turn Grindr on (for those who don’t know what Grindr is – it is a free mobile app that lets you meet people that are close to you geographically).  A friend of mine in Sydney put me onto it a few years ago but I’ve only started using it more recently.

It didn’t take long before I was chatting to a guy and I was super keen to suck some cock – c’mon who wouldn’t be interested in such an offer.

I live on my own so I invited the guy over.  I did ask him if he owned any speedos, he did and said that he’d wear them.

It was a bit of a blow and go and I anwered the door only wearing my speedos so things got down to business pretty quick.

I’ve spoken to a bunch of guys and this casual blowjob or hookup is common amongst gay guys – maybe not common but it is something that happens.  Now I don’t know any girls or any guys who have had girls do this.  I’ve had girls who are fuck buddies but nothing as random as hooking up with a guy from Grindr or what happened at Lookout last Saturday night.  I wonder why – some girls I know are just as horny as I am.

Any thoughts?

Also, I’ve been cooking lunch while I was writing this post.  I pulled this fillet mignon out of the freezer a couple of days ago and needed to eat it.

4 thoughts on “Grindr Strikes Again”
  1. hey man! fan here who checks your posts daily and LOVE your blog! i feel like i can identify with your stories and experiences because i feel like i’m reading about someone else like myself; another dude who is progressive and open-minded; as well as cautious, safe, and non-judgmental about exploring through their lives, happiness, and pleasures. take care 🙂

  2. I used blendr for awhile in tandem with grindr, and though I did have a couple hook ups with girls via blendr, there were never anywhere near as many people on blendr as on grindr.

    I’ve had my share of random hook ups with girls in clubs, but I agree that girls seem overall more likely to do it. Part of me thinks it’s because women can get pregnant. Even with all our means of avoiding it, it’s still them who have to carry the child if anything gets through all the defenses. I doubt that’s the whole story, but I think it would factor into my decision making process if I were female.

  3. I think there is a lot of stigma for women who are easy. A lot of chicks feel it lowers their worth and sense of value. That said, once a girl has been there with a guy I find she is much, much more likely to want to come back for more. It’s almost like, once they’ve been there with a guy and their number of sexual partners has increased by one they may as well make the most of it???

  4. Hungspeedoboi – I completely agree with you mate – once you crack a girl, then it is easy. It is getting over that first hurdle which is tough though.

    OmniWhore – I have seen Blendr but never used it myself. I’ll have to give it a try.


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