A bit of a random post here, Kip and I were out last night and I was talking to this girl from Denver and having a nice chat.  Her friend came over and I hinted to Kip to get over and talk to her friend.

We are the locals and neither of us were being sleezy or anything.  Anyway, the girl I was talking to, her friend was a complete bitch to Kip.

Goes to show, doesn’t matter how pretty you are, you still need to smile.

These three girls are obviously gorgeous…. but they don’t look happy do they?

Three Bikinis

These girls from the TV show, The Hills…. they don’t look happy either.  I think they’d be a pain in the arse although I do like Audrey.

Hills Girls

No some girls who look happy, much nicer…..

Hooters Girls3 Girls Making Out

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