Kip had a full house on Tuesday night with some friends of his heading back to Denver after a weekend in Moab.

It was fun having 3 str8 boys hanging about and in the hottub but nothing naughty happened despite a rather large amount of alcohol consumed for a Tuesday evening.

During the night the subject of guys faking it came up.  All of us had said that we had faked it.  That surprised me.

It brought back thoughts of when I faked it…..

I picked up a girl at a bar called Sirens in Terrigal (it is a dive bar for sure).  She was super keen, a little older than me and a nurse.  I took her back to my place, shagged like rabbits – I think I came twice.  Then the next morning she wanted a shag before I dropped her home.  She was not very pretty the night before so you can only imagine how pretty she was the next morning…..  One other thing – it was stinking hot and I’ve never had aircon.

She wanted it so after a few attempts I told her to get on her knees so I could think of something else.  I was hard but there was no way I was going to be able to cum so I moaned, moaned and then pretended to cum.  I pulled out and threw my condom in the trash can.

Thing is…. she thought that I had faked it – hahahaha.

Anyways – I dropped her home and never saw her again.

That is the only time I’ve ever faked it.  I don’t think any guys have faked it on me but I’m pretty sure some girls have faked it for sure.

It was an interesting topic to hear str8 boys talk about and I’d love to hear your thoughts on it guys.

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