Somehow it came up in discussion over the weekend about cumming while being fucked in the arse.  I’m guilty of that for sure – if I’m horny, haven’t cum that day and Kip starts fucking me I’ll cum without even touching my cock.

The best blowjobber (is that even a word?  I like it) that I’ve ever had was an Aussie girl I dated for maybe 6 months and she was awesome.  She would finger me with one hand and then user her mouth on my cock and her other hand on my balls and alternate between mouth on my balls and stroking my cock.  It was truly amazing and this chick was super eager which was a major turn on as well.  She is one of the few people who could make me cum pretty much every time she pulled out her blowjob skills.

The fingering and arse play is a factor in making me cum though.  Not all girls like it or offer it and I’m sure most str8 guys don’t let girls do it.  I think they are missing out.

These girls have the right idea…..

Blowjob Fingering of a GuyGuy getting fingered

Of course this would be ideal if every time my cock was sucked I had a pussy in my mouth and a cock in my arse.

Horny Threesome

4 thoughts on “Guys getting fingered”
  1. Funny, i was having a simultan comversation with max this Weekend about cumming without touching my cock. I might have to show him just exactly what I mean.
    That last picture is really hawt. 🙂

  2. First picture is fucking great too – she’s taking a lot of cock and he’s taking a lot of finger! And maybe out of shot she’s taking another cock – we can only hope.

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