Mid afternoon here guys and my head hurts, my butt hurts, my cock… yep that hurts (friction hurt – not burning hurt) and did I mention that my head hurts?

Last night was a great success though – waking up in my room with half a dozen pairs of speedos on the floor and 3 naked guys in my bed (2 were in the bed with me and one guy was on the floor) cannot be called anything BUT a success.

I better start helping Kip clean up the house. I’ll start describing what happened and post it tomorrow or later in the week. Anything I write I automatically post it on my site SwimmerBoyz.com if you get impatient – heheehe.

Was amazing to see soooooo many str8 boys in speedos and after a while everyone was comfortable with it.

One thought on “Hangover from the Speedo Party”
  1. Hi Dave: Just found your blog, and I love reading it. This last entry about the Speedo party sounded quite hot!!! Tell us about it. Two guys in your bed lol…. sounds like a cozy evening. Details! And your choices of photos are excellent – sexy, smoldering, yet tasteful. I’ll stop now… can’t type one handed haha.

    thanks for your insights also. They are much appreciated. Peace!

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