Hey guys – I really need to sit down and debrief (hehehe) on what has been going on the last few days.

More pussy than penis (nice for a change) and I have been really well behaved considering – I have been the designated driver so that has been part of me having to behave myself a little more than usual.

Kip and I have guests staying in the house and playing the host means I don’t have as much time to blog. Maybe later tonight when we have the house back to ourselves I’ll have a chance to write some more. I actually really want to get some advice from you guys on my next move…..

I just downloaded Cloud Atlas (new Tom Hanks movie) so we are going to watch that, hottub and probably order pizza.

Hope you guys had a great New Years – I can’t wait for 2013 and all that comes with it.

Stay tuned for a more substantive post.

Speedo Stretching

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