Sorry for being a little slack with my posting lately guys – been busy with the new site which should be 100% live by lunch time (10pm here now so I’m burning the midnight oil).

Earlier today I caught up with my mate in town here for a hit of tennis during his lunch break (it was a long lunch break) and he mentioned that he had a San Francisco/Sydney plane ticket which was about to expire. It is only one way but it expires on July 20th and he has no prospect of using it.

I said I could use it.

Not the best time to be on the beach being the middle of the Aussie winter but I thought why not.

So while standing on the tennis court he called the airline who told him it was OK to change it to my name.

Next week I’m off to Sydney. Not sure how long I’ll be there – maybe just a couple of weeks but it has been a good 7 months since I was back. My mates on the Central Coast are excited and a few of the boys have a snowboarding trip to Perisher lined up so I might tag along with that.


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