I posted a little while back that somehow the Hills is now being watched at my household. It is on after the news and we have 2 TV’s so normally the boys are playing Wii and the Hills is on mute on the other TV.

I still don’t get it – it is real or not? But I meant to post this photo of Heidi.

She is smokin’ – but I’m not sure I could last 5 minutes of her talking…. but then again if we had an hour together, a discussion on politics isn’t what I would have in mind.

I just looked her up on Wikipedia and she is from Crested Butte in Colorado – I’ve been there with my server admin Kip (he lives in Breckenridge which is only 3 or 4hrs north of Crested Butte.  I wonder if she skis or snowboards?

She should get rid of Spencer – that guys a dick (perhaps it isn’t on mute all the time – hahaha).

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