7pm here on a gorgeous Friday afternoon.

Some of my str8 mates are off to the pub tonight and I suspect (from the amount of alcohol they told me they have bought) that they are intending to have a big one.  I could possibly have a big one but I could go the other way as well – funny that.

There is absolutely no chance of any homosexual interactions but these str8 mates are reasonably successful with the ladies and I think there is a 30% chance of me getting laid if I get in the right mood – ie I drink enough.  In which case there is a 70% chance that I won’t delivery the lucky lady my best performance – hehehe.

I have to say though – there are some very hot women about.  I’ll let you know how I go.

Hot blonde

4 thoughts on “Off to the pub”
  1. Hi Dave! Great site in the fine tradition of your speedo site.

    It’s great that you plan to involve girls more in your exploits — such a gentleman, but so keen to help a young lady expand her horizons… Your account of your date with “Katie” was really sweet. But even better to really open a girl up to your wonderful world, while keeping us informed at every step — sort of Neighbours, but from the point of view of the sensations inside the swimwear — happy hunting!

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