Another beautiful day here in Colorado and I woke up to the sounds of Kip slurping on my cock and balls… what a wonderful way to wake up.

The day has only just gotten better – we had a couple of turns this morning, back to the office and we cracked our first beer at 2:30 this afternoon. Tonight we are heading over to Keystone for Karaokee at some staff bar called Dos Locos. If anyone reading this is going to be there look out for me – I’m sure after a few more brews I’ll be up for singing something ‘Aussie’ – ‘Land/Man Downunder’ perhaps…..

With lots of spring days on the forecast and some spring break folks in town I’m looking forward to a big weekend…..

Since I’ve been having a crazy amount of speedo sex over the last couple of weeks – I thought I’d share some hot speedo sex pics I found today.

Later guys.

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