Sorry for not posting over the last couple of days guys – I decided on Friday morning to head over to the West Coast and hike into some natural hot springs. I was up early and saw that the weather forecast was perfect so I just packed up and jumped in the car.

It was nice to get off the grid and spend a couple of days in the bush. On Friday night I was the only person in the hut by the hot springs (which is a 5hr walk to) and enjoyed speedo’ing it up and having a few quiet drinks in the springs. Saturday I got up late and did a bit of exploring and some other groups came in to the hut and we ended up playing some cards and had a great night overall.

Yesterday, I walked out and drove back home and I feel refreshed and excited for a big week of work. I have a ridiculous amount of new movies to upload tomorrow (over 1 gig) which the members at are going to love. I’ve made up some sample clips too which I’ll give you guys a link to laster in the week.

Well I better get back to it – I had a bit of a tumble in one of the creek crossings yesterday and really hurt my shoulder so I might have to lay off swimming for a few days which is a bummer but no biggy.

It can be ‘hard’ work when I’m looking at this kind of stuff all day….

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