Funny thing happened today guys, Kip and I were having lunch down at the Hogs Breath (OK, not really an ‘Australian’ experience for Kip but whatever, it is a nice spot and I know one of the waitresses so our bar tab comes out at about half what it should.

When we were walking home we ran into Alex’s gilfriend.  Kip has met her at BBQ’s and you can imagine that it was kinda weird considering Alex, her boyfriend, has been inside both Kip and Me…. and we’ve both been inside Alex…. mouth and arse.

Anyways, while we were talking this tall brunette walks past and Alex’s girlfriend knows this girl.  They chat for a minute, everyone is introduced blah blah blah.

BUT, the chick is smokin’ hot!!!  Tall, thin and a smile that is the real reason behind global warming.

So this beautiful brunette walks on and Alex’s girlfriend notices how taken aback I was by this chick.  She thought it was funny and even joked that Kip and I were gay guys…..

It was hilarious all ’round.

Alex’s girlfriend said she’d look into setting me up.

The beautiful brunette looks a bit like this chick below AND she was some shit hot swimmer growing up.

Black One PieceSpeedo ChickBlack One Piece SwimsuitGirl in Black One Piece Speedo Swimsuit

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