I can’t believe that I’m writing this before 8am!!!

I’ve been back for 3 weeks now so I can’t blame jetlag but last night I was out on my feet by 10pm and I tried reading in bed but barely got through 2 pages.

Funny this is that Kip is up early as well and we’ve been working on some new stuff (I suppose Colorado is an hour – maybe 2 ahead of Pacific time) and he said it is gorgeous out in Colorado this time of year. So I was thinking maybe I should head out there – I’ve never seen it in summer and it sounds like he is having fun hiking, biking, waterskiing and camping and all that kind of stuff.

Once I finish some of this work stuff I might have a look at what flights cost and maybe head out there for the long weekend.

Yes, there have been many, many, many naughty times had in Kip’s hottub.

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