Tonight we have a full house with Kip’s sister and some of her friends coming up for the weekend.  There is a little bit of snow falling which will hopefully keep up.

Kip told me that one of the couples coming up is pretty hot (guy/girl couple).  Kip said that the boyfriend is a fellow Australian and he is described as looking like a GQ Model.  There is also a story that Kip shared with me that one night down in Denver the girlfriend half jokingly, half seriously asked Kip if he’d join them for a threesome.  For one reason or another it didn’t happen but Kip seems to think that some group action could be on the cards tonight.

What Kip didn’t know was how much a potential threesome would be all about an extra guy for her or about some bisexual fun between the guys.  Which comes to the question of asking how bisexual this Aussie GQ Model look a like is?

Could be a fun night guys……

ThreewayThreeway SexBi ThreewayBisexual Threeway

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