When I was in my early twenties I left Australia for a little ski town in Canada. I had a long term girlfriend who was great and we did the endless winter thing for years together. It was at the end of our second northern winter, an end of season party, down in the nearby town where this all happened. We were staying in a cheapish motel and she and I had planned to break in to the pool area later that night and have some fun in the sauna, I had left a window ajar.

At some point during the night my girlfriend mentioned that one of my friends that season was pretty hot. I can’t remember whose idea it was but we ended up agreeing to ask him to join us in the sauna later.

She had fantasies about being with another girl, but it just never panned out, I had fooled around with a couple of guys growing, up but neither of us had spoken about adding a guy until that night. I approached Brad at some point and asked him, he said he was keen, I told him I would let him know when we were headed back to the hotel.

As the night was winding down, the three of us walked back to the hotel. We snuck in through the open window, I turned the sauna on and the three of us stripped down and jumped in the spa. My girlfriend stripped down to a super sexy little black bikini, Brad and I had taken off our shirts and were about to slip in to the water when she told us that we had to loose the shorts. Both of us had speedos on which worked out well.

In the spa she sat between us, she had her hand rubbing me and I’m assuming she was rubbing Brad with her other hand. We were kissing her neck and playing with her breasts.

I had never thought about this combination, I wouldn’t say I was jealous but I was protective of my girlfriend but this was hot seeing her with another guy. I’m sure alcohol had a slight role in it as well. I was a little uncomfortable so I gently pushed her by the bum and she turned one hundred and eighty degrees and straddled Brad, continuing to make out with him. Behind her, I was kissing her neck, rubbing myself up and down her butt crack.

After a few minutes of this I had to cool down so I told them I would check the sauna.

It was ready. The three of us moved in there which immediately felt a little more private than the big indoor pool/spa area. We started with her blowing Brad and me eating her out, she then wanted me to fuck her, which I did. She had an orgasm pretty quickly which caused me to have an orgasm. We were trying to be quiet remember. Then Brad came around behind her and started fucking her, I slipped underneath, sixty-nine style. It was an odd angle for me but I managed to lick her clit. Brad’s balls were all over my forehead and after checking with him he said he was completely fine with it.

She came again and it didn’t take Brad long either.

We cleaned up, Brad ducked back to his room and grabbed some drinks and the three of us were back in the spa. When we finished our drinks she asked us if we were ready for another round? Yes, we were.

We headed back in to the sauna, I remember her holding each of us by the hand and that was so hot. Brad ate her out while she and I made out. She then blew Brad which he claimed was the best orgasm of his life. When she had tucked Brad back in to his speedo, she asked him if she and I could have some alone time. We said goodnight to Brad and we kept fucking for the next hour or so.

The next morning, I remember us being hungover and slept in as late as we could. We didn’t see Brad and two days later we were on a plane to our next winter destination.

Looking back it was the perfect threesome. Brad was a friend but we were all leaving town the next day, I saw Brad a few years later and neither of us mentioned it. The girlfriend and I broke up a few years later but years down the track when we would run in to each other at weddings and events like that, she has mentioned it.

This experience has definitely been formative in my sexual preferences, I love two guy threesomes (straight or bi), I love spas and saunas and I wear a speedo a little bit too often.

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