How many orgasms can one man have?

I think I’ve set a new PB (personal best) and I have another 15 hours of this to go).  Yesterday (Friday) morning I jacked off before I got out of bed.  I wanted to hold off for the Texan Brunette but I really needed to cum and I thought rubbing one out might make me last longer.

Then she arrived and she had my cock in her mouth within 2 minutes of walking in the house.  She is an awesome cock sucker indeed.  That is 2 orgasms.

We chilled out and ended up going out for a drink and dinner before returning to the house.  We hottubed…. orgasms number 3.

Then we showered, I was horny as hell by the time we finished our shower so I threw her on the bed, on top of the blanked and fucked her again… orgasm number 4.  Half an hour later I got myself hard before she took over and for the next hour we fucked our brains out in every position we could think of.  69, reverse cowboy, reverse cowboy on the end of the bed (a new one for me that I’ve been looking forward to trying out), missionary me on top, missionary her on top, her ankled wrapped around my neck and of course doggy style.  I came again on cue…. orgasm number 5.

We were both pretty hot and sweaty by now and we talked for a while before getting back into the shower where she got herself off with the shower head.  She said it my turn so I jacked off again in the shower, I was barely hard when I ejected a dribble of cum.  Orgasm number 6 for the day.

Then this morning we fucked again in bed and then again in the shower….. total is now 8.

My cock is sore…. but it is happy sore.  And I’ll need to top up my condom supply next week I think.

Ow yeah, I forgot to mention.  My handcuffs came out (they are part of my sex kit of course).

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