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I know most of these stories are about M/M but I just had a great day with my wife and my speedos…

I am not in shape, that is to say I have a bit of a belly and could be fitter etc… I have been working on things – its not easy but I’m getting there…

So the other day I went in to buy some new swimmers (boardies and some speedo style briefs for under… I like the feel of them even if I’m not brave enough to wear just them). This morning we woke up and it was hot, damn hot, real hot! My sister and family are away and they just so happen to have a pool – perfect chance to wear new swimmers!

Wife had beat me to the thought and had her gear packed and ready to go!

We drove over to my sisters and parked close to the pool area… Now let me explain they live on 5 acres and the pool area with pool house is raised and surrounded by palms and a great big deck! The pool house is the size of a large lounge room – mine in fact!

We got settled in the pool house, turning on the radio and getting out swimwear out… I stripped and got into my new racers briefs, black and very tight… I had to point up and a little to the left to fit into them – and I ain’t big by any means! I grabbed the boardies and pulled them on. They fit OK at the waist but where skin tight everywhere else… what the hell I thought.

Now here I will explain I am a guy, a normal guy. I fit into Large I buy large I wear large, I don’t try things on because I am a large… all my other clothes are large and fit OK… but these shorts were beyond anything I have wore before. I could understand the racers being tight… I bought the brand that looked like a small cut, low waist etc… but the shorts just got me laughing…

Wife then said “Well it looks like you will be swimming in your tiny pants today, You HAVE to take those shorts back!”

I agreed with the return on the bike shorts parading as boardies and stripped them off… adding “You’ll just have to contain yourself by my manliness being on display”

“Honey” she said “In those everything is on display… but I kinda like it…” she reached forward and hooking my waist band she flicked the tight material back onto my thigh… Then went out and jumped into the pool.

I followed quickly knowing that any erection in these would show BIG TIME, I had to get into the cool water fast.

We swam around for a bit and relaxed in the shade, talking about this and that…

I got out to do a jump in and felt my wife’s eyes follow me around the pool. Standing on the edge I flexed and made fun of my self in my little racers. Thrusting my hips forward and saying things like “You like me, ya?” and “Oh baby you want this?” while pointing at my bulge. I got a laugh and she said “Honey, I want what I can see in them!”

“So come get it” I said and dived in to swim past her. She grabbed at me and got my foot as I tried to get past her. Pulling me back, I relaxed and swam straight into her arms. We kissed and necked for a while.

Then she admitted her secret to me. “I love seeing you in speedos, I saw that you read ‘SpeedoSexuality’ and I always wanted to get you to just wear them for me.”

After we kissed some more, I was clearly getting into it as my dick started to poke out of the top of my racers.

My wife noticed the little guy and taking a deep breath she ducked beneath the water and pulling my racers down started to kiss and suck the head of my now fully enlarged cock.

She didn’t last too long but when she came up she asked me to sit on the edge, I hooked by racers under my balls and exposed everything, the tight drawstring and waist pulled my balls tight and to the front of my scrotum. I hopped up to the edge of the pool, my rock hard cock at head height, I spread my legs wide and shuffled forward so my junk was in easy reach.

“oh” she explained “I love when your balls are tight and locked in place”. I often wore a cock and balls ring, a double ring which hooked under and behind my balls pulling them forward, I like to feel my nuts pressing against her body when we make love and she love to play with them. My wife moved forward and opened her mouth wide she started sucking my tight trapped balls. Oh it felt so good and I began to thrust my hips forward with her sucking motion, my cock bounced on the top of her head, her hair teasing the underside of cut exposed glands.

Giving my boys one last suck she looked up at my face and my huge smile, then without looking away she started to slowly take my dick in her mouth. First her lips, them her teeth and finally her tongue played their way down my glands and onto my shaft. It was pure heaven and so damn hot seeing her taking all of me like this. It didn’t take long before I was gripping the edge of the and moaning out loud as I pumped my juices into her waiting mouth.

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