It is still snowing here and this afternoon Kip and I, two computer nerds with some homosexual tendencies worked on our bikes for the weekend trip to Moab… We even have grease on our hands – how manly – hahaha.

Looks like the slopes will open this weekend so we are going to snowboard Friday morning before heading west into the desert. Has anyone here been there? I hear it could be busy being this time of year but I can’t imagine Kip and I getting into too much trouble.

Ow yeah, I posted these pics because I have been running at the Rec Centre the last couple of days because of all the snow.  I have a pair of these AussieBum shorts, in blue, but they are a little tight.  When they are looser I’m still not sure I could pull them off at a public gym.

AussieBum ShortsShorty ShortsShorts

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