Well, it has taken me nearly 4 weeks but I finally have my ‘American Wings’ – and keeping with the pilot scenario, I got my Wings and then some. A flying ‘Ace’ has 5 or more…. so I’m an ‘Ace’ as well now.

I’ve never been to a party/gathering like this before but I have read about it. There was a blog I used to read about a guy in New York who used to organise these kinds of parties and it sounded pretty hot. After being to one – I can vouch for it that it is crazy hot!!!

I rocked up on time, it was a beautiful San Francisco house. I was wearing my AussieBum Portsea’s (you guys know I’ve had some amazing times in those speedos) and when I knocked on the door I was welcomed by ‘Brian’, the host of the party who was wearing a black speedo brand speedo and nothing else. Brian told me that in my honor it was a ‘speedo only’ party and that I was to strip down to my speedos and join him and some of the other guys in the lounge room. When I entered the lounge room I was introduced to 2 other guys who arrived before me, both of whom were wearing Aussiebum speedos – one wearing the Coolabah’s which are my 2nd favourite.

The guys were really nice, and were both fans of the blog.

Over the next half hour the remaining 2 guys arrived.

The guys were all fit, a little older than me, clean cut, 2 of them are married (to women) and use these nights as their sexual release. They all had good jobs (obviously I’m not going to divulge anything more than that) and they were all really nice.

It ended up that we were all having a quiet drink – 6 guys all wearing speedos – and I was sitting in the middle of the couch. It wasn’t long before the guys on each side of me had their hands on my thighs. Then they were on the front of my speedo. From there things moved pretty quickly with Brian on his knees in front of me licking the front of my speedo.

There was just soooooo much man-sex going on. While Brian undid the drawstring on my speedos and started working on my cock, the guy on my left was switching between kissing me and licking my nipples and neck. The guy on my right had gotten up and joined the 2 guys on the opposite couch. They were the first to have their speedos off and the condoms and lube on the coffee table came into use.

This all continued for about 2hrs. I came three times and it is fair to say that I’m a little sore today.

The guys aren’t having another party until after Xmas and I think I’ll have started my road trip by then but if there is any chance I can ever be a part of something like this again I will be jumping at the opportunity.

  • Some pics of my AussieBum Portseas at an old blog post – click here.
  • Some pics of my AussieBum Coolabahs – click here.

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