I can’t believe there is another Dave Evans in Sydney!!!

I knew there was a rocker called Dave Evans but I didn’t realise there is a Dave Evans in Sydney who is dating Elle MacPherson – click here for the news article.

Darn I wish I was dating Elle MacPherson – I think she is a bees knees. Obviously she is phenominally beautiful but I love her class.

As a side note I remember growing up and having a home made sex tape of her younger sister Mimi – that was before it was trendy for celebs to make sex tapes. I should go and see if I can find that movie – if I do I’ll put it up on one of my sites.

Pretty boring day today – I did a bit of a spring clean around the house (like 4hrs of spring cleaning). The net dropped out here and being a bit overcast I had nothing to do which was all the excuse I needed. Looks like a pretty grey old week coming up so I’m looking forward to knuckling down and getting some work done.

I got some paperwork from the lawyers this morning – I don’t understand much of it at all but it does say that the judge will now rule on it next Monday.

A kinda boring post really isn’t it. I’ll see what I can come up with for tomorrow but in the mean time here is ‘Dave Evans’ and Elle MacPherson chilling out in Sydney Harbour. I wonder if he ever gets mistaken for me?

2 thoughts on “I’m dating Elle MacPherson?”
  1. Hey Dave, I read somewhere on one of your sites/blogs that you received “some paperwork from the lawyers this morning” before you again, ruefully dismissed what is a very serious legal circumstance to which you find yourself a party. I qualify any further comment by clearly stating I have no legal qualification, nor do I act in any way for any person, party, firm, corporation, or any other entity relating to your matter currently before the Federal Court Of Australia (District Registry: New South Wales). Dave I attended Court 22B yesterday morning and, in the first instance I can inform you that you owe a debt of gratitude to Justice Flick in these proceedings as, in my opinion – because you have failed to attend the Court or to respond to any documents filed by the applicant in the matter, Justice Flick has erred (once again in my unqualified opinion) in YOUR favour, thus far, and I implore you to peruse today’s “paperwork”, as well as seeking legal representation AS A MATTER OF URGENCY, before taking what is your very last chance at which expires at midday on Friday next.

  2. Dave, furthermore based on my, again unqualified, observations yesterday morning, and without being privy to any knowledge which at this time would be improper, I foresee Justice Flick MAY find in favour of the applicant in your matter, and whether you are, financially, worth a big mac, or a franchisee of the corporation that sells said burger, you are almost certainly going to find yourself in the pickle of your life should Default Judgement be awarded against you. You, absolutely, face possible bankruptcy which could affect the rest of your life. You seem to be very laissez faire about the whole issue, which as a person who observes Court proceedings regularly, is a significantly parlous event in your life, and to which there are few remedies in the event that your cock-sure attitude suffers from, shall we say, brewer’s droop, come Monday next. I have posted this comment in this forum in the hope that others may also encourage you to act before it is, essentially, too late (12pm Friday next, as I understand it). I confirm I will email you, as to alert you to the posting of my comments in this forum by 21.00 AEDST Tuesday 25 October 2011. Good luck mate because you provide us guys with some great stuff. Pete, Sydney

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