Anyone who has been reading this blog for a while, will know that I am a discreet person. I do share some very very very intimate things, that amazing steamroom threesome that I wanted to tell someone about but I didn’t have anyone to share it with was what started this blog in the first place. However, with me not being ‘out’ I don’t share the names of my lovers and will often write a post and leave it for 6 months or more before I publish it…. “the names and places have been changed, to protect the innocent” (as they say on those crime shows). As I’m not comfortable being ‘outstered’ at this point in my life, I don’t share with you photos of myself and my name ‘Dave Evans’ may, or may not be my real name or a combination of it, it might be an anagram, a pseudonym, an alias or perhaps even an oxymoron.

So it is rare for me to be recognised in the street.

With that in mind – I’ll tell you about being recognised on Friday at the pool.

You guys know my favourite speedo of all time is the black ADIDAS three-stripes one (the AussieBum Portsea is a very very close 2nd). I finally found a store (in the UK) that has them. I ordered them a couple of weeks ago and they arrived on Friday morning. I’ll tell you more about it next week but I couldn’t believe how fantastic their service and delivery time was. With my new speedos I was keen to go to the pool and test them out.

I don’t know anyone at the pool but there are a few familiar faces that I say hello to but that is all. After my swim I end up walking through the exit with this guy who is quite hot, mid 30’s or so and we had that awkward – you first, no you first, no no I insist you first, thing through the door. As we get through there he says…

“Excuse me. This is a weird question but you were the guy wearing the black ADIDAS speedos weren’t you?”

This was absolutely not what I expected him to ask but I answered in the affirmative.

“Again, this might sound really weird but by any chance are you Dave Evans?”

I was chuffed that someone noticed my favourite speedos and I’m always stoked to meet people who have met me online so I said yeah I was.

I thought that I was happy to meet a person who reads my blog but he was over the moon!!! He told me that he noticed my ADIDAS speedos and remembered that I loved them and put two and two together. Turns out we chatted for about a quarter of an hour in the carpark. He and his boyfriend (of 8yrs) are big fans and joined my site after they read about the ‘Speedo’ court case thing. Ended up he told me that he and his boyfriend/partner would love to have me over for dinner with some other gay friends of theirs that live on the coast who are also fans.

It was really nice and it was a meeting that left me feeling all warm and fuzzy – probably a good thing it wasn’t someone from the lawyers who are suing me – from the paperwork I got last night they are having trouble finding me…..

Here are some pics of my new speedos – enjoy your Saturday guys and go the All Blacks tomorrow night against the frogs.

One thought on “I’m Dave Evans”
  1. The guy who get the most attention is wearing purple speedos and the sucking stud is wearing black speedos.. I love ADIDAS speedos so I leant Justin guy getting sucked first and old pair of mine and I have to say I have never seen them look so good.. Description A quiet jack off session by the pool is interrupted by Mr Red Speedos with the aviators.

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