The trip went really smooth, train down to the airport and the flight was good although a bit rough coming into to land. It is windy enough to blow Christ off his Cross but I didn’t have any intention of going snowboarding today anyway. There is a bit of snow down low which makes town look really pretty.

I’m staying at an old friend of mines place – it is actually a granny flat below their house. It isn’t 100% private but it is my own space and since I haven’t decided when I’ll go home it should be nice. And he has a spare car which is awesome!!!

Well I better head off – dinner tonight catching up with some old friends.

One thing I will be chasing up over the next few days is a couple that are serious swingers that I have met online over here. Should be interesting to see where (if anywhere) that leads.

Here are some pics of Queenstown that I’ve taken myself the last few times I have been here.

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