Over the long weekend I have been talking to this couple from Boulder (a couple of hours away from Breck).  I’ve spoken to both the husband and wife on messenger and skype and they both really love MFM threesomes.  Nothing bisexual, just two guys pleasing the wife.  They are pretty experienced and tried foursomes with other couples and the wife is open minded to playing with girls but they really get turned on by having two guys.

Sounds like just the couple that I’d love to play with and they seem pretty interested in me as well.

Somehow my passion for Wicked Weasel bikini’s came up in conversation and both the husband and the wife said they thought that was hot and have already ordered one.  I should be able to get down to Boulder next weekend so I’ll have a chance to meet them in person.  One thing that has been suggested is that since the WW was my idea, I should be responsible for taking it off the wife.

Ow, and I forgot to mention, she is smokin’ hot!!!

Nicky WhelanNicky Whelan BikiniNicky Whelan Wicked WeaselNicky Whelan String Bikini

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