Yesterday and today I’ve been catching up on some work and remained indoors. Very boring I know but everyone seems to be out of town.

Jaime is in Sydney, Mr. Big Cock was busy all weekend and a bunch of my mates are away as well. As usual – when I’m sitting around the house on my own I’m wearing nothing but a speedo and you guys have seen what I have to ‘work’ on everyday – so work related erections are common place.

I think over the last 2 days I’ve jacked off maybe a dozen times!!!

Jaime txt’d me a horny little message about catching up this coming week so I will have to lay off the masturbating and save some spunk for her. I need to have a think how I can introduce her and Mr. Big Cock to each other.

Mr. Big Cock has been with a girl – when he was 16 (he is 32 now). Even if he doesn’t want to touch or fuck her it would be hot if we played around and she just watched.

I better get back to work – might grab some pizza for dinner.

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