I’ve been meaning to tell you guys about our big weekend. The guys from Denver came up Saturday evening – we all went out for dinner then to a couple of bars but things were pretty quiet. As usual it ended up debaucherously in the hottub back at Kips. Then Sunday morning we got up early for last day of the season at A-Basin.

The Denver boys had some friends that were all excited about the ‘beach’ party and they had a great spot.

The beach is pretty much where the carpark blends into the ski/snowboard slope. I’ve only been there once or twice before and normally it is fun with dogs and kids running around, people BBQ’ing and maybe a beer or two. But because this season has been so bad it wasn’t like that at all – there was a creek running between the carpark and the slope and it just wasn’t what I was hoping for.

I got a couple of runs in, we BBQ’d lunch and then the wind came up and the clouds rolled it so we decided to head back for an afternoon hottub/fuck session.

It was fun though and everyone that was there was happy and having a good time. I think I’ll have to come back and do the ‘Beach Party’ better.

The weekend with the Denver boys was fun. Four guys who love speedos, love sex and are comfortable with each other can only be described as orgasmic.

It is always fun to see how the dynamnic works. Sometimes all four of us play together. Some times we end up spoiling one person at a time with the other three giving him attention and sometimes we split up a bit. The Denver boys, I’ll call them T & A. On Saturday evening I ended up nearly exclusively with A and then on Sunday afternoon I ended up nearly exclusively with T. I’ve got a feeling that these guys (who have lived together for a few years and only play together) actually plan it before the get here. I’m not complaining at all though.

I probably won’t get a chance to see them again before I head off to the west coast but it has been a fun time – and I met them 100% through this blog which is pretty kewl.

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