I’ve been meaning to post this pic for a while.

The chick is a porn star called Jess West, she is pretty hot but has a horrible twangy English accent…. don’t get me wrong, she is hot and I wouldn’t kick her out of bed if she farted.

Sex in One Piece Swimsuit

I’ve got a gallery of pics of these two with an extra girl and he is wearing speedos.  It is one of the best speedo, FMF threesome shoot I’ve seen online.  And the guy is HUGE!!!

More pics are in an old blog post – click here to see it.

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One thought on “Jess West getting plowed”
  1. Great shots, but you know the answer to the twangy accent? Another guy rather than another girl – get her laughing gear round his cock and no more accent. Got any MFM shots of lovely fuckable Jess?

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