I posted about G-strings a few days ago so here is a jockstrap post.

I don’t quite understand the whole jockstrap thing. I have brought this up in blog posts in the past but I just still don’t understand it. Growing up in Australia I never saw a jockstrap but I always wore briefs or speedos.

It is interesting that it seems to be an American thing and at the same time Americans are so anti-speedo (generally speaking, all those American readers of mine are lovely open minded and sexually unrepressed).

The same thing is with the change rooms here, in an Aussie or even a New Zealand pool guys aren’t as naked as they seem to be here. Interested to hear your thoughts.

Some pics of a hot Dietz jockstrap. I found a cache of hot photos from Dietz which I’ll be sharing with you guys over the next few weeks. I foresee see any complains.

Dietz UnderwearDietz Male Jockstrap

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