Last week I mentioned to you guys that I had been using Craigslist and had found a couple that were keen for a guy to join them.

Turns out I caught up with them on New Years Eve for a bit of an afternoon fuck session.

The couple were really hot, the husband was fit and the wife was gorgeous.  Beautiful tanned body and these perfect breasts (which I was informed were fake).

I arrived at their place about 1pm on New Years Eve.  We chilled out and had a drink, an early New Years champagne and then the husband and I sat on the couch while the wife did a fantastic strip tease.  I’ve never paid for a strip tease so I’m no expert but by it didn’t take long before the wife had both the husband and myself rock hard.

With new couples I’m always hesitant to take the first move but when the husband undid his belt and undid his jeans to reveal a monster cock I took the hint and did the same.

By now the wife was down to a tiny little g-string (nothing else) and with the husbands cock out she moved over and started sucking it.  What really turned me on was that while she sucked and licked the husbands shaft she was looking deep into my eyes.  All the while, the husband was talking dirty to her telling her ab0ut my Aussie cock being inside her.

This went on for 5 minutes or more and then the husband ordered the wife to suck on my “Aussie cock”.

I’ve gotta duck out guys – I’ll finish this off tomorrow……

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