Today it is raining. The forecast is for it to ‘maybe’ snow later in the day but as you can imagine…. not ideal snowboarding conditions.

I’ve decided to have a quiet day, tell you guys about my threesome last Friday, go for a swim, have my board tuned and I think that is about it.

Now to my threesome last Friday. I told you guys that I met them online and a friend of mine recommended this couple as good fun. I spoke to them online before I arrived here and they seemed really keen and also rather experienced.

Friday night came along, I met them at a bar in town after dinner. Lots of photos were exchanged beforehand and they looked like their photos. I told them I was bi and they said that the husband is ‘open minded’. After just one drink we were getting along fine and the wife asked if maybe we should head back to their place for another drink. It sounded good to me as I was getting a hardon in my jeans and black speedo already.

Their house was only a 5 minute walk from the bar.

When we walked in the husband went to the kitchen to make some drinks and the wife pushed me down onto the couch and we started making out. Our lips (and tongues) were locked until the husband came back with our drinks.

At this point the husband sat on the couch next to me and his wife got off my lap.

“Well Dave – you told us that you like bikinis and speedos. How about you guys get down to your speedos and I’ll go put on a bikini….”

While the wife left the husband and I did what we were told, we stripped down and it turns out we were both wearing a black speedo under our jeans (I had told them I’d be wearing speedos under my jeans before hand)

I was hard as a rock from making out with the wife and the husband was slowly getting there. It was pretty hot sitting on the couch next to a married guy, both in speedos, rubbing our cocks through the lycra waiting for his wife to join us.

That is all for now – the sun is out on the ski field so I better go for a quick wank and head on up there. Will continue this later today or tomorrow.

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