I can’t make it to court today to defend myself against the ‘Speedo Corporation’….

  • Firstly, I’m not out to all my friends and some of my family.
    Does anyone else think it sucks that an ‘in the closet’ guy can’t defend himself because if he does, he is forced to come ‘out’ to the entire world?
  • Secondly, I can’t afford representation. I’ve never employed the services of a lawyer, I’m not sure what they cost but I’m pretty sure it is more than I can afford. Apart from my business I don’t own anything, I do own a $1,000 car – perhaps I should have sold it and paid for representation?
    Hopefully the judge will notice that my blog is ‘free’?
  • Thirdly, I believe I am right in my argument that ‘speedo’ is a generic term (google ‘speedo style’ and tell me what you find).
  • And finally, I haven’t stolen anything from the ‘Speedo Corporation’, if anything, I love their product and I have endorsed their brand for years.

I titled this post ‘Kangaroo Court’ because I don’t have a fair chance to represent myself or my argument. I’m not blaming anyone except my own circumstance.

I’m sure that the ‘Speedo Corporation’ (an Australian invention and icon now owned by an overseas conglomerate) are defending just another one of the brand names they’ve purchased over the years. I hope and trust there isn’t any anti-homosexual/bisexual bias in thier decision to ‘sue’ me. I also believe that the judge who will hear this case later today will be fair and the law will prevail regardless of the Speedo Corporations unlimited resources and my lack of opportunity to present my side.

I have been bowled over by the support I have received over the last week – thanks guys and keep your fingers crossed for me.

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