I just had to share this with you guys. It is Monday and I love Monday’s. After a bit of a nothing weekend full of rain on Sunday and nothing much else I got up early this morning to see some white stuff on the ground. Another miserable day outside but after working for a few hours I decided to go for a walk and I got to wear my winter coat for the first time.

When I got home I walked in the door and Kip is standing in the kitchen wearing nothing but a black thong.

I don’t know what it was but that was all it took. I pretty much threw him down on the couch, keeping the thong on him, I pull it aside on the arse side and fucked his brains out.

I last a whole 10 strokes – whooohoooo!!! Hahaha.

What is it about the sexuality of a thong/G-string/g-banger? Speedos definitely turn me on but a thong is just a little more sexual. Even when I see a girl bend over and show a little bit of thong I automatically think she is a little naughtier…. I’ve post some pics of a guy wearing a black thong over at AussieSpeedoGuy.net.

Wicked Weasel G-StringThong BikiniGBangerGStringButt in G-String

One thought on “Kip gets pounded because he wore a thong”
  1. Goodness, numbers 3, 2 & 5. For me, being able to see the curve of a woman’s pussy when she bends over is a huge turn on. Great pics Dave. Both here and on the other site.

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