Yesterday was a great Sunday – very casual after a beautiful walk and a BBQ with a bunch of folks.

I gave Kip’s sister the Wicked Weasel bikini that I picked up for her (it was the Tuxedo model/style).  She loved it and mentioned that she had seen the site but had never had the guts to buy one.

After dinner things were winding down and I was in the kitchen with Kip’s sister just cleaning up.  When we were done she said she wanted to try out her new bikini which she was wearing under he jeans.  She knows that I wear speedos pretty much 24/7 and as it turned out I was wearing a pair of black lycra speedo brand speedos.

I told her I’d pour some drinks and she left to get into the hottub.

When I walked out I put the drinks down – which was just about where my jaw was.  Kip’s sister was standing up to her thights in the water, tiny wicked weasel bottoms on and no bikini top.

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