Quiet MLK day watching movies and I actually haven’t left the house.  Don’t worry, I only have 2 weeks left until I’m on a jet plane heading to the beach.

Growing up I was a nipper (junior lifeguard) and I had more than a few crushes on some of the girls in the club (maybe some of the boys as well).  I think my first ever kiss was with a fellow nipper.

So somehow today I was reminded by this Lifeguard movie with Kristen Bell.  To say that I’d do naughty things to Kristen Bell is an understatement.  What a cutie!!!  I think I first saw her in that Sarah Marshall movie.  Again, what a cutie!!!

The Lifeguard - Kristen Bell

And here are two more female lifeguards.  The girl in red might be a lifeguard but I have a sneaking suspicion that the one in blue might not be.  Anyone know what brand this is?  Looks a little Andrew Christian but I didn’t know he made womens one pieces.

Blue Lifeguard SwimsuitRed Lifeguard Swimsuit

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