When I got back from my West Coast hiking trip I had a couple of messages on my online dating profile from a girl saying she loves bi guys and would like to catch up.

This is the first solo girls I’ve met up with from online dating. I won’t use her real name here because she doesn’t know about this blog so I’ll call her ‘Lisa’. She isn’t a super model but she is cute and has great legs. We met at a bar in town last night, we had a few drinks and we were hitting it off. She is a snowboarder and has travelled a bit, lived in France at a ski resort for a couple of years and sounds like a girl who gets out there and does stuff.

Things were going so well we ended up having dinner together.

After dinner we moved to a nice bar and had a couple of drinks and that is when talk turned to sex. Things were getting hot and I had a raging boner as Lisa told me she loved bisexual guys and she had experienced a couple of MMF threesomes. She broke up with her last boyfriend after a MMF threesome when her boyfriend freaked out the next day that he had touched another guy and that was sort of the beginning of the end of their relationship.

It was a little embarassing as I had to go to the bathroom and I was now fully erect and even though I was wearing some black lycra speedo brand speedos there was no way I could hide it even though I tried. When I got back from the bathroom Lisa was on her feet and I thought maybe I had freaked her out but it was the opposite. She gave me a hug and whispered in my ear….

“I think we should go back to my place and fix that boner of yours.”

I didn’t need to be asked a second time and I grabbed my jacket and took Lisa’s hand as we walked the 2 blocks to her place.

Once in her apartment we pretty much tore each others clothes off. We were making out pretty ferousously with me down to my black speedos and her down to a little white g-string. She loved that I was wearing speedos and sat me down on the couch and worked on my cock through the lycra of my speedos. It was amazing and her blonde hair on my thighs were getting me close. I told her this and she undid the drawstring and pulled my cock out and started working on it.

I’ve always found guys are better at sucking cock and Mike gives better head than Lisa but she was eager and didn’t forget to play with my balls (which is a mistake I’ve found in most girls).

Just before I came I let Lisa know – giving her a chance to pull up if she didn’t want my load in her mouth but she worked harder on my cock and took all of my l0ad without letter her lips leave my cock.

When my cock was finished pulsating I grabbed Lisa’s head and brought her up and started kissing her – I love doing this and Lisa seemed to appreciate it as well. With my cock back in my speedo and Lisa kneeling over me we made out for a few minutes and I played with her titties as she grinded my still hard cock. Then Lisa said something that I’ve never heard a girl say on the first date….

Dave, would you mind fucking me in the arse?

What an awesome chick!!! So I fucked her arse on the living room floor, I kept her g-string on and my speedos were still on. And Lisa was more than a little loud while I pounded her arse for a good 5 minutes until I came again.

After some more playing in the shower we finally made it into Lisa’s bed and I think we both finally stopped playing with each other and fell asleep around 3am.

This weekend Mike is going to be in town and I’m going to ask him if he’d like to join Lisa and I for some MMF threesome action.

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