Reposting an old sexual experience of mine which I had in the lockerroom (we call them change rooms).

I’ve been riding today and just got in – I was going to swing by the pool on my way home but guess who didn’t take their goggles…. I’m off for a swim now – I wish I had organised for Kieran to meet up with me this arvo.

Lockerroom Sex

So my second time caught masturbating in the locker room…. this time it was organised though. I had met a guy who had some done modelling for my site. I wasn’t at the modelling shoots but his boyfriend took the pics and emailed them over to me.

I kept in touch with Kieran (sorry that is his name) over the next 6 months or so – all via email and MSN Messenger. And then he and his boyfriend broke up. He didn’t seem all that upset when we spoke about it and he told me about how he had been looking forward to getting out and finding what he had been missing out on.

So Kieran had just broken up with his boyfriend and was keen to get out and fuck anything that moved – I think they were going out for like 18 months and it was Kieran’s first boyfriend so he was keen to widen his experiences by the sounds of it.

After talking with Kieran online for a couple of weeks and hearing of his new found freedom which he was taking advantage of it came around that we were talking about my swim training. Kieran was from Brisbane but loved speedos and had swam at school. I told Kieran about me getting busted masturbating in the shower at the pool (you can read about that here).

Kieran was turned on by my experience and said he’d love to interrupt me. One thing lead to another and I told him what pool it was and what time I was normally there. I told him that since he knew where I was and those days I was masturbating in the showers every day that he was more than welcome to interrupt me. Red speedos were my favourite at the time and Kieran would be able to pick me out. Although I had seen all the pics from Kierans earlier shoot we hadn’t actually met in person.

The next couple of days at the pool I was soooooo horny!!! Each day I would get hard doing my laps thinking that Kieran would be there and coming up to interrupt me in the shower. For 2 days I went up to the locker room and proceeded to jack off in the showers but no sign of Kieran.

But on the third day I was doing my laps and noticed this young guy wearing red speedos who started swimming in the lane next to me. Was kind of odd since there were 5 spare lanes. It had to be Kieran!!! I kept swimming and didn’t stop. I worked on timing it that I would get out of the pool when he was at the other end to give me a head start towards the locker room.

It worked perfectly… I got out and headed to the locker room. I was semi hard which as you guys know – you can’t hide any kind of erection in a pair of speedos without being obvious. I got into the locker room and just as I walked in I saw Kieran getting out of the pool in his red speedos as well. Ow my god!!! I checked that nobody was in the locker room – which there wasn’t – and made my way to the corner shower and rubbed my now rock solid cock through my speedos. Then Kieran walked in.

Fuck this guy is hot!!! He is a touch shorter than I am, dirty blonde hair, barely any body hair and fit. He did have a slight board shorts tan but still had a visible speedo tan which I was soon to find out. Before I saw him Kieran said “Looks like you’ve been busted again Dave.” I can’t remember the rest of the small talk as there wasn’t really much said. In our matching red speedos we started kissing and Kieran’s cock was quickly in the same erect state as mine was. The shower was running and Kieran told me that he wanted to show off his new found blow job skills and got on his knees. I lasted about 2 minutes before I unloaded in Kieran’s mouth. He then tucked my cock back in my speedos – doing up the write draw string and we started kissing again and I could taste some of my cum on his tongue.

Then it was my turn. I turned Kieran around so his back was against the wall. I moved down his amazing chest and stomach – licking all the way until I got to his speedos. His draw string was undone and I pulled them down to reveal his uncut cock. He was smoothly shaved – that morning – and before giving his cock the attention I licked his smooth balls. As I started on Kierans cock I moved my right hand between his legs and started playing with his arsehole. Kieran lasted about 1 minute of this and blew in my mouth. I returned the favour and let him taste some of his own juice.

After that we headed back to my place and did it all again – in our matching red speedos. No anal just oral and lots and lots of kissing.

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