No snowboarding for me today – just work work and more work.

Someone mentioned it this morning about Valentine’s Day. Being a bachelor who is confused about his sexuality I don’t have anyone to share Valentines Day with….. again.

Do you guys have anything special planned for Valentines Day?

Since I don’t have anything special happening I’ve decided to run a $14 Valentines Day Special on my site

You can join for the rest of February for just $14. I’ve never done this before and I hope you guys take advantage of it. You can watch all the movies – all 80hrs + and if you are on your own, with someone or lucky enough to be with sometwo this Valentine’s Day… I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

Just like these two guys are enjoying their speedo time together.

One thought on “Lonely Valentines Day”
  1. You’re not confused, you’re just enjoying all your options.
    Try giving a valentines to someone, a card, flower or an email. Valentines is for friends as well as lovers. “Happy valentines from your friend X”.

    It’s about recognising connections with special people.

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