Well guys I had a fantastic day today snowboarding the Sunshine at Sunshine Village Ski Resort. Gorgeous day and a great crew of people.

Funny enough though I have been doing a bunch of work.

First up I’m back on Facebook – nothing too naughty on there because Facebook is very very PG rated but if you’d like to be my friend feel free to add me – click here for my Facebook profile.

I also created a twitter account years ago and haven’t really used it but I found I had a bunch of followers. I don’t really use mobile internet much myself so I’m not sure how it will go. Do many of you guys use Twitter? Click here for my twitter account #aussiespeedoguy.

And to finish off this Friday blog post I thought I’d give you guys another movie sample from SpeedosNextDoor.com. A hot sample clip of a full length movie of two guys at the pool. No speedos involved but without speedos the cock sucking starts quicker.

Ovviously if you want to see the entire movie just swing by www.SpeedosNextDoor.com (you can see all the Hawaii Speedo Student movies there as well – just click on the ‘Amateurs’ link).

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