Manscaping: When a man shaves or trims below the belt (cock and balls).
“I have a big date tonight so I should do some manscaping beforehand.”

Will’s sister used this term last night and I can’t remember when I last heard it.

Then this morning I had some photos I had to go through to add to and I saw this pic of a guy with his pubes hanging out of his speedos. I present exhibit A….

Manscaping for me is compulsory, I love giving head and if I’m going to spend countless hours down there the least one can do is spend 5 minutes in the shower and tidy things up…. better yet shave it all off.

I remember once bring it up discretely with a guy who had never ever ever even trimmed and he said ‘Nah, that itches.’ My response was, “Well I hope it blows itself because I”m not going to.”

Isn’t this much better…..

3 thoughts on “Manscaping”
  1. Guys…Waxing is the way to go! Seriously, there is no “Five-o-Clock” shadow the next day. They stay smooth, no stubble, for weeks and feels the best when you lightly stroke (tickle) the boys with your fingers. That drives me crazy, I get that familiar orgasmic gut feeling.

    Yes! it does sting for a few seconds as you get the wax ripped off, but a few seconds of stinging is well worth it for me. A few tips if you decide to try it, if you can get hard it helps a great deal when they rip the hair on your shaft. However, the body’s defense mechanism usually will prevent you from getting hard. Unless you are prone to S&M, where pain is sexually arousing for you. So if you can’t get hard, like me, make sure you pull the skin very taut! This helps the best, also have the aestician put his/her hand on the spot immediately after the pull, this deadens the sting immediately. Obviously, the sac stings the most because the skin is so loose. Help the aestician pull the sac super taut and hold it between your two hands, this will make it 200% better. The inner thigh (adductor muscle) are not bad at all, as is the taint (Perinium) or the crack. Although, you will have to get on all fours as if you are the bottom and usually hold your cheeks open. So your head is burried in the table and you are doggy style while holding your cheeks open. SO MAKE SURE YOU ARE CLEAN! I mean clean, wash with soap and water and use your finger to clean just inside the sphincter! Take Gasx if you are worried about letting one rip! If you want to email me ( Dave you have my permision to share my email.

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